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Nara K.


"We researched various dog trainers, but chose Golan for his experience and knowledge in working with the Belgian Malinois breed. Although our family has always owned dogs this breed is new to us and we knew we needed some extra guidance. Golan took the time to explain dog psychology and behavior in our first session, which was good to know and helped guide us over our 12 sessions. We started working with Golan when our dog, Fin, was 6 months old and he loved Golan from the start. Golan was very professional and took the time to listen to any issues or concerns. He also provided great guidance and solutions. He was even available for us to contact when we had an issue with Fin while on our first road trip with him. We are so grateful we chose Golan and recommend him to anyone looking for help with a high drive breed. We also plan to stay connected with Golan and further our training as Fin grows"

Chrisitan R.


"It was an absolute pleasure working with Golan. To start off, he’s such a kind, patient, and knowledgeable trainer.
My sister and I both decided to go with Golan after going through our first trainer who only used choke chains and wanted to move to prong collars.
With Golan, I REALLY looked forward to each session and it was the highlight of my week.
Golan is truly a behaviorist and he is able to understand dogs and their underlying problems. My dog, Louie, completely transformed. He was a handful. Louie couldn’t even be with a dog without lunging at them in the beginning. After Golan took over the socialization process he was able to guide Louie to becoming a more social and well-mannered dog. He helped him build his confidence and approach the situations in a tactical manner.
I’m extremely appreciative of the results. I Wish We could take Golan everywhere"


Megan E.


"Have you been teetering back and forth on this page wondering if you should start training and give him a call? Seriously. Do. Not. Wait.
I wish I could give Golan 10 stars. I have had multiple conversations with dog trainers who told us our dog Della would need e-collar training or else “she will never get better.”
Della is a great girl who was homeless for most of her life before we got her. Golan jokes that she likes to play “cop” at the dog park. A funny joke to him but something that used to stress me TF out. She also had serious issues with being nervous and vocal around children, a trait I had been told previously “will only get worse unless you use e-collar.”
We wanted our dog to feel comfortable in any setting so she didn’t feel the need to be so vocal. We also wanted to be confident with our ability to control her in any scenario, something that we couldn’t quite achieve.
Golan is without a doubt the best dog trainer I have ever come across. From day one, golan walked in our house, our dog barked once (she used to bark a few times and then hide from any new guests) and then laid down to nap, right in front of Golan’s feet 😯. I knew from that moment on that there was something really special about him.
I find myself telling tales of his training days to my friends with their mouths open. “Wait so you took Della to the boardwalk at 4 pm on a Friday in high foot traffic with kids screaming and running everywhere and she was fine?” The answer is: yes. She was more than fine. She rocked it and it was due to Golan’s confidence in her ability.
He individualizes your dogs training by assessing and re-assessing what their needs will be. He continually evolves his approach to make sure the training is customized to your dog.
My boyfriend and I used to joke about how “Golan can predict the future” after trainings because Golan was able to tell us how she was going to act and how to anticipate our dogs next move. This man taught me how to read what my dog was GOING to do.
He completely transformed our dog’s confidence while instilling confidence in us as her owners.
To top this all off (as if I need to) he is a man of integrity and takes your dogs training very personally. He’s just such a great person. You can tell from day one that he is invested in your dog’s success. You would be crazy not to call this man to help train your dog. I will for ever be a better dog owner because of him"

Andy T.


"We got a labradoodle puppy in November. We have three kids age 11-13 and this is the first dog they’ve had. I did LOTS of research before choosing a trainer and I’m so glad that I did. Working with Golan proved to be a perfect choice for so many reasons! We have a very well trained puppy thanks to his guidance and support. Not only has our puppy learned a lot but so have we! Golan is professional, punctual, and available to reach between training sessions which proved to be very advantageous for us a couple of times. I would highly recommend Golan if you are looking for someone that truly understands puppies and dogs. I am available to answer any questions! Golan gets a 10+ from our family!!! Thanks for making our puppy experience an excellent one Golan!"

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