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"A puppy is a juvenile dog." (Wikipedia)​

I think a puppy just ate Wikipedia's homework..​

During the first year of your puppy's life you have a monumental opportunity and part in teaching the right skills your dog needs to be a good listener and follower. The opportunity to shape your puppy to be a well mannered, well adjusted and balanced dog that thrive is a golden one. Your dog is a result of your actions, so it's crucial to learn and control all the right aspects when you raise a dog into your habitat and our world.

Puppy training your dog is undoubtedly the best decision you can take for both of you.

Training is a proactive step that works to prevent future behavioral problems, which will benefit the life of the owner as well as the dog's life. Don't surrender a young dog to a shelter because you didn't know how to direct it properly as a pup.

Puppy Training Program will provide you the right skills and techniques to be a good tutor and leader.​

Housebreaking, socialization, walk with a leash, boundaries, house manners, food and nutrition, biting, chewing, family members, where to sleep, etc.

A puppy will encounter countless new experiences so do it right and build a lasting happy educational system to benefit you all.

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