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Education, Consistency and Understanding.

All dogs are good, just a bit misunderstood, treated wrong and need the right guidance.

Therefore education is most important, both for you and your dog and I put your dog first.

When it comes to success, consistency is the key. I'll guide you there with passion and devotion.

Take pride in making your dog a valuable, loyal member of your family, so you too can understand each other.

Puppy Training


Private Lessons

Day Train


Your dog spends his day with me, going through 1-on-1 training sessions. Customized program to meet your needs as well as the needs of your dog. They get to socialize with dog members from my pack and utilize pack mentality to learn better dog obedience.​

Go to work, plan a day trip or just have a quiet day at home while your dog goes to "School".

Bring your dog by 8:00 AM and pick them up by 2:00 PM.

Sessions will occur on and off during a 6 hour program every day.
Available Monday through Friday.

Sit, Down, Stay, Leave, Heel on leash, Go to bed/place, Come, Wait (Based on Program)

Behavioral Issues Addressed

Socialization, Anxiety Issues, Animal Aggression, Submissive Behavior.

No Reinforcement Sessions


Get involved in your dog's training.​

Great for all owner types. Inexperienced, recently adopted rescue dogs or pet parents with new pups.

This is the best way to show your Pack Leader skills. Be the leader and learn how to maintain it for years. 

1-on-1 Private Lessons will give you crucial and indispensable tools, skills and education to maintain positive behavior and long term success. You will learn how to correct behavioral issues in advance and stop them from reoccurring or becoming a real problem. Both behavior issues and teaching commands will be addressed.  Private training will also allow you to address additional issues that are most important to you.

In-home or outdoor training sessions. Comprehensive training packages. We got it all for you.

House Manners | Basic on Leash Obedience | Off Leash Obedience | Control Around Distractions

Behavior Issues | Aggression | Anxiety Issues | Destructive Behavior | Potty Training | Submissive


"A puppy is a juvenile dog." (Wikipedia)​

I think a puppy just ate Wikipedia's homework..​

During the first year of your puppy's life, you have a monumental opportunity to teach the right skills your dog needs to be a good listener and follower. The opportunity to shape your puppy into a well mannered, well adjusted, and balanced dog that thrives is a golden one. Your dog is a result of your actions, so it is crucial to learn and control all the right aspects when you raise a dog into your habitat and our world.

Puppy training your dog is undoubtedly the best decision you can take for both of you.

Training is a proactive step that works to prevent future behavioral problems, which will benefit both the life of the owner as well as the dog. Do not surrender a young dog to a shelter because you did not know how to provide proper training to your pup.

Puppy Training Program will provide you the right skills and techniques to be a good leader and tutor.​

Housebreaking, socialization, walk with a leash, boundaries, house manners, food and nutrition, biting, chewing, family members, where to sleep, etc.

A puppy will encounter countless new experiences so do it right and build a lasting, happy, educational system to benefit you all.

Day Training
Private Lessons
Puppy Training Program
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