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Get involved in your dog's training.​

Great for inexperienced owners, recently adopted rescue dogs or pet parents with new pups.

This is the best way to show your Pack Leader skills. Be the leader and learn how to be like that for years. 

1-on-1 Private Lessons will give you crucial and indispensable tools, skills and education to maintain positive behavior and long term success. You'll learn how to correct behavioral issues in advance and stop them from reoccurring or becoming a real problem. Both behavior issues and teaching commands and obedience, private training allows you to address those issues most important to you.

In-home or outdoor training sessions , from a single introduction session to full training packages, we got it all for you.

House Manners | Basic on Leash Obedience | Off Leash Obedience | Control Around Distractions

Behavior Issues | Aggression | Anxiety Issues | Destructive Behavior | Potty Training | Submissive

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